Control can see your Facebook Posts

On Facebook, you have control over who can see your posts by adjusting your privacy settings. Here’s how you can control the visibility of your Facebook posts:

  1. Public: When you choose the Public setting, anyone on or off Facebook can see your post. This means it will be visible to your friends, followers, and even people who are not connected to you.
  2. Friends: Selecting the Friends setting ensures that only your Facebook friends can see your post. It will not be visible to the general public or people who are not connected to you.
  3. Friends except: This option allows you to exclude specific friends from seeing your post. By selecting “Friends except,” you can choose friends or groups of friends who won’t be able to view your post, while all your other friends will still have access to it.
  4. Specific friends: With this setting, you can choose specific friends who will be able to see your post, while excluding all others from viewing it.
  5. Only me: When you choose the “Only me” setting, your post becomes private and visible only to yourself. It will not appear on your timeline or in your friends’ news feeds.
  6. Custom: The Custom setting gives you granular control over who can see your post. You can create custom lists or choose specific individuals or groups to include or exclude from viewing your post.

To control the visibility of an individual post:

  1. Start composing your post in the Facebook post creation box.
  2. Before publishing the post, locate the audience selector tool, usually located near the bottom right corner of the post creation box.
  3. Click on the audience selector, and a drop-down menu will appear, displaying the various visibility options.
  4. Choose the desired visibility setting for your post from the available options (Public, Friends, etc.).
  5. Once you have selected the desired visibility setting, publish your post.

It’s important to note that your privacy settings can also be adjusted globally for all your future posts by visiting the Facebook Privacy Settings. In this section, you can define your default audience for posts, control who can see your future posts, manage your profile visibility, and more.

Remember to review and adjust your privacy settings regularly to ensure your posts are shared with the desired audience and to maintain control over your privacy on Facebook.

Author: Mary Ann Hill, Internet Marketing Solutions