Do you want to control who can see your Facebook Post?

Change the audience for a Facebook a post on personal Facebook profiles

Posting to Facebook doesn’t mean you have to share your life with every single person you have friended there. If you want to set up a select group of people to show off photos or posts to keep them more private you can do so without resorting to emails or Facebook groups.

Facebook provides tools for restricting the audience of your posts. Start to write a post and you’ll notice a drop-down menu next to both the News Feed and Your Story, the two places where your post can appear.

This menu will probably show Friends by default, but if you click on the little down arrow, you can be more selective about who will see your post. You can select a small number of friends or you can make it public if you want, visible by anyone on the internet, even if they’re not one of your friends on Facebook.

Click on More at the bottom and you can see all the options in the drop-down menu, and Facebook even lets you set up a list of specific friends who can see the post such as just your relatives, or the people you work with. You can also opt for Friends except, which includes all of your Facebook friends apart from whomever you exclude, or you can choose specific friends which limits distribution to a smaller list of whom you choose.

Note: This will become the default for any subsequent posts until you change it back again so remember this for your next post so you can change it back to Friends.

Author: Mary Ann Hill, Internet Marketing Solutions

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