About Facebook Ads

How you can control the Facebook ads you see. Learn more about how data is used to show you ads without advertisers learning who you are, the controls you have to help determine what ads you get, why you are seeing a particular ad and more.

You can control the ads you see.

Clicking on the upper right-hand corner of an ad lets you easily hide ads you don’t like or block ads from an advertiser you don’t like. Clicking on “Why am I seeing this?” tells you more about why you were shown the ad and takes you to your Ad Preferences. Anyone can visit their Ad Preferences to learn more about the interests and information that influence the ads they see and manage this information so they get more relevant ads.

Understand what data is used to show you ads

Data is used to show you ads without advertisers knowing who you are. Protecting people’s privacy is central to how Facebook has designed their ad system.

Your activity across Facebook companies and products Ads are shown to you based on your activity across Facebook companies and products-such as:

  • Pages you and your friends like
  • Information from your Facebook and Instagram profile
  • Places you check in using Facebook
Your activity with other businesses

When you share information like your phone number or email address with a business, they might add it to a customer list that can be matched to your Facebook profile. Facebook can then try to match the ad to the most relevant audience. You may have shared your information with these businesses by:

  • Signing up for an email newsletter
  • Making purchases at retail stores
  • Signing up for a coupon or discount
Your activity on other websites and apps

Websites you visit or apps you use can send Facebook data directly by using Facebook business tools (such as a pixel) to help show you ads based on products or services you’ve looked at, such as a shirt on a clothing retailer’s website. Examples of this include:

  • Viewing one of their web pages
  • Downloading their mobile app
  • Adding a product to a shopping cart or making a purchase
Your location

Facebook uses location data to show you ads from advertisers trying to reach people in or near a specific place. Facebook gets this information from sources such as:

  • Where you connect to the internet
  • Where you use your phone
  • Your location from your Facebook and Instagram profile

Remember that from an ad directly, you can hide the ad, hide all ads from the advertiser, or let Facebook know about a problem with the ad. Or, you can choose ‘Why am I seeing this?’ to get more context on why you might be seeing it.

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Mary Ann Hill, Internet Marketing Solutions
Source: Facebook.com. Ads.