Selecting Holiday Chime Tones for the Ring Video Doorbell

Ring has several holiday sounds for your Ring Video Doorbell chimes that are easy to enable.

To select your ringtones:

Open the Ring app.

Tap the three lines on the top left of the Dashboard.

Image of Ring Doorbell article

Select Devices.

Image of Ring Doorbell Devices selection

Select the Chime that you want to adjust under Chimes.

Image of Ring Doorbell Devices Chimes selection

Next, select Audio Settings.

Image of Ring Doorbell Audio Setting selection

Tap Chime Tones and you’ll see a list of tones for your Ring Chime.

Image of ring doorbell chime tone setting

You can select from the top tabs to change the Rings or Motion sounds.

Finally, tap the sound you’d like to use. Holiday tones include “Deck the Halls,” “Ho Ho Ho,”,  and “Sleigh Bells.”

Enjoy your new holiday sounds!

Image of Ring Doorbell available sound options