You need to uninstall two items to fully uninstall Teams, so make sure you follow all the steps.

  1. Quit Teams by right-clicking the Teams icon in the taskbar and choosing Close window.
  2. In Windows, click on the Start button  Start button , > Settings > Apps.
  3. Under Apps & features, search “teams”.
  4. Highlight Microsoft Teams, then select Uninstall.
  5. A box will appear, then again select Uninstall to confirm. A new box will appear, asking Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Select Yes.
  6. Now select Teams Machine-Wide Installer, click Uninstall. Then follow the same process described in step 5.

A step in the process of uninstalling Teams from Windows

To uninstall Teams you need to uninstall both Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer.


  • Teams will also be removed if you uninstall Office.
  • If you reinstall or perform an online repair of Office, Teams will be included.
  • Administrators can prevent the installation of Teams when they install Office. See documentation for this process here.


Quit Teams by right-clicking the Teams app in the dock, then holding down Option and clicking Force Quit. Open the Application Folder, select Microsoft Teams, and move it to the Trash.