Working with Images in WordPress

Adding images in WordPress is very easy. All of your images will be stored and can be managed in the Media Library, but you can take several different paths to get there.

One way and the most common path is adding an image directly to a post or page. This automatically saves the image in the Media Library and displays the image wherever you inserted it.

You can also add images directly to the Media Library through the file loader.

Before you upload an image make sure they are optimized and not too large. Ideally, images uploaded should not be larger than a 1200 x 630 pixels for a simple post. I will cover optimizing your images for WordPress in another post.

To add an image directly to your Library

Click on:
Add New
Drop the file or click on Select File

Adding Images Through Pages/Posts

When writing or editing a post, you can add an image using the Add Media button above the editor box. This opens a window that displays the multi-file uploader. From here you can drag and drop your picture or select it using the file selector.

The images you add here will be automatically added to the Media Library.

Click on:
Posts. Add New.
Pages. Add New.

Then, in the body of the post or page, you just created click on:

Add Media and upload a new image or select an image from your media library

Click on Insert Into Post and adjust the size

Don’t forget to add your title and click on the publish button. Then preview your page.

That’s it! You have just added an image.

Author: Mary Ann Hill, Internet Marketing Solutions